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Rentals of Sedona

Rentals of Sedona is a locally owned, family operated company. Western Contemporary has owned and operated Sedona rental properties since 1968.  Western Contemporary currently has approximately 100,000 square feet rented or available for rent in Sedona. Western Contemporary offers retail, office, medical, and industrial space for lease in multiple locations.

Sedona Rental Services

Rentals of Sedona maintains a lower operating cost by providing most services in-house. The Company, by or through one of its principals, has in-house brokerage services, in-house attorney, and property management services. Because we eliminate the middleman in these transactions, we pass the savings through to our tenants. Whatever your needs, Rentals of Sedona can assist you in locating a great property for your business.

Eight properties are in West Sedona, two properties are in the uptown Sedona area and the one property is located in the Village of Oak Creek.

The Village of Oak Creek

Learn more about our rental properties in The Village of Oak Creek. Contact us today for more information or to walk through one of our rental properties.

The Village

Uptown Sedona Rentals

Learn more about our Uptown Sedona Rentals and which ones will work for your business. For more information or to walk through a property, contact us today.

Uptown Sedona

West Sedona Rentals

Learn more about our West Sedona rentals. We have a property that is right for your needs. Contact us for more information or to walk through a property.

West Sedona